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Thanks to all our teachers who came to our recent AIM conferences in Melbourne and Auckland. We had a blast, and hope you did too!

And we’d also like to thank our  presenters, Richard and Renée who came all the way from Canada and our local heroes, Sophie, Wendy and Sharon. If you couldn’t make it this year, but would like to know when other workshops and conferences are coming, send us an e-mail via this link .

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“Madame McKinney, why can’t my child speak fluent French?
She’s been studying French at this school
since she was 5…
she’s now in Grade 4 and can’t
speak a word or understand a thing!”
Ever heard this before?

Welcome to AIM The Accelerative Integrated Methodology which is being used in over ten thousand schools around the world and has been referred to as a revolution for second language teaching and learning. The AIM is a unique program because it uses gestures, a specific researched ‘pared down’ language, stories and music to rapidly develop students’ fluency.

AIM turned my teaching practice upside-down and changed the second language learning experience for my students. The program is fun for everyone involved and covers the multiple intelligences, making the language accessible for all types of learners. The results I achieved in such a short space of time were truly compelling and I know it can do the same for you and your students.

Jen McKinney,
Director AIM Language Learning – Australia & New Zealand.

Forthcoming training dates:

Sat. 8th March 2014
Queensland One-Day Conference

15-16 September 2014
The 9th Annual AIM Conference (Aus).

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