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Paperless classroom? Then our new Digital Student Workbooks are for you!

We’re excited to announce our new digital workbooks which allow AIM classrooms to successfully transition from paper and pencil activities to 1:1 classrooms.

Available now, $10 per student.

A few advantages of the new digital workbooks:

  • Track the percentage of the workbook completed by each student.
  • All activities are searchable by activity number.
  • Students enter their responses by typing into the areas provided or selecting the appro.
  • Each question has a check-box for teachers to identify what still needs to be corrected.
  • As in the paper version of these activities, teachers can track completed and corrected pages of activities at the top of the main page of each activity.
  • Price includes One year access to this workbook on the AIM Portal.

Current digital workbooks (with more on the way):


Click below to see some examples of these new Digital Workbooks:

>> Digital Student Workbook screenshot #1 <<
Digital Student Workbook screenshot #2 <<
Digital Student Workbook screenshot #3 <<
Digital Student Workbook screenshot #4 <<


“Madame McKinney, why can’t my child speak fluent French?
She’s been studying French at this school since she was 5…
she’s now in Grade 4 and can’t speak a word or understand a thing!”
Ever heard this before?

Welcome to AIM The Accelerative Integrated Methodology which is being used in over ten thousand schools around the world and has been referred to as a revolution for second language teaching and learning. The AIM is a unique program because it uses gestures, a specific researched ‘pared down’ language, stories and music to rapidly develop students’ fluency.

AIM turned my teaching practice upside-down and changed the second language learning experience for my students. The program is fun for everyone involved and covers the multiple intelligences, making the language accessible for all types of learners. The results I achieved in such a short space of time were truly compelling and I know it can do the same for you and your students.

Jen McKinney,
Director AIM Language Learning – Australia & New Zealand.



Protected: ‘Sight Words’ サイトワード slideshow for Douyatte ikimasu ka? kit

This is the ‘Sight Words’ サイトワード slideshow as mentioned in your Whole-class Activities Book (WCA) for the Douyatte ikimasu ka? kit which didn’t make it onto the first run of the kit CD-ROMs.

NOTE: The file is an interactive PDF, not a PowerPoint file. It’s designed to exactly like a PPT file does, except that it’s smaller, and the type is clearer. Enjoy!
Contact Matt if you have any problems:

To download this file, please use the code from the inside cover of your WCA (the same one you use to open the encrypted PGA file on your CD-ROM).

Forthcoming training dates:

We have a mix of face-to-face and online teacher training options for you for terms 3 and 4!
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