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NEWS > Sign of the times: school finds success with new way of teaching languages

The Age Jewel Topsfield August 23, 2011 If the year 6 students at Carey Baptist…


Jen McKinney interviewed on ABC Radio National’s ‘Lingua Franca’ programme

RADIO INTERVIEW > Jen McKinney explains the underlying pedagogical and linguistic principles for the gesture-based teaching program, the Accelerative Integrative Methodology.


Dr Paul Molyneux (2013)

“In her outstanding research thesis, Jen McKinney revealed how successful gesture based approaches like AIM can be in supporting language teaching…”


Dr. Jim Cummins (2008)

“If I had to choose one thing that distinguishes AIM classrooms from the more typical…


Prof. David Booth (2008)

“This exciting program, with its extensive and creative use of story and drama, provides second…


Parent testimonials

““To my utter amazement, my son is flourishing in French…” read on for more feedback from parents!


Teacher testimonials

“What was my teaching life like pre-AIM? I cringe when I now look back and realise how little productive language my students had. Now my students love French and the parents too. I could never return to the old method of teaching!”
– Debbie Summers, Teacher – Sydney, Australia


NEWS > French Revolution Hits Ivanhoe

French Revolution Hits Ivanhoe – a write-up of the 2009 AIM Conference held at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar Shcool.


Fluent French is Program’s AIM (2008)

Students learning Accelerative Integrated Methodology speak the language with immersion-like rapidity.


AIM Student Wins French Poetry Award

Thirteen-year-old Paige Wergeland, a grade eight student from St. Michaels University School in British Columbia, was one of ten students from across Canada to win the Robert Munsch Poetry Award sponsored by Scholastic Canada.

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