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“Within two short years, my son can speak, write and understand French. He has even composed short plays in French! In fact, he had recently visited Montreal for a school hockey tournament and billeted for three days with a family there. He was able to speak to the family and others in French. This program is truly incredible. Looking back at my experience in French, I can say that it took me much longer to get to where he is now. I see now that learning French does not have to be such a struggle. It can actually be enjoyable – as I am witnessing every day with my son.”
Angie Ng, Parent, Toronto, ON

“I am more than pleased and most surprised at the success and rapid learning that this program has provided to Robert’s grasp of French.”
Sharon Fielding Parent, Toronto, ON

“To my utter amazement, my son is flourishing in French in Ms. Duckworth’s class where Wendy Maxwell’s programme is taught. He loves French class and comes home talking to me in French. We are so pleased with his progress.”
Darla A. Wilson, Parent, Toronto, ON

“My daughter is in grade 3. Her French teacher is Madame Jill White. This year, Mme. White introduced the AIM program to the grade 3 and grade 6 classes. I had the privilege of volunteering in this class last week. I was amazed how the Victoria’s class was able to sign and say so many words and phrases! She has been practising them at home but when you have 24 students all signing and saying the words together, it was amazing.”

“They are now practising “Les Trois Petits Cochons” and we bought the DVD. Victoria practises it two or three times a night. She does the play and the song. What is really amazing is that her six year old brother (who’s in grade one at the same school but his teacher does not teach this program!), has been doing the play and the dancing and singing along with her! He even sings the song in the car and does all the gestures!”

“You have created such a magnificent program, Ms. Maxwell. I can’t thank you enough for giving my daughter back the joy to learn French. I am fluently bilingual and was part of the “New Immersion” program that was offered in the early 70’s in Ontario. I wish that we had had a program like the one you developed! Victoria is so excited about French now and doesn’t want to miss a class! Her enthusiasm is wonderful.”
Estelle Beer, Parent

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