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The AIM methodology - down under!

Gestural language acquisition - down under!

What is the AIM?

AIM is a unique, multi-faceted program in that it uses gestures; a specifically researched ‘pared down’ language; with stories and music to rapidly develop students’ fluency.
AIM is: • A verb-based rather than noun-based approach allowing teachers and students to be able to function solely in the target language from the outset of the program. • An inductive approach, providing students with the vocabulary and grammatical structures they require on an “on needs’ basis. • A multi-sensory approach and considers all the multiple intelligences in its use of visual, musical,maths/logic, kinaesthetic etc making the language accessible for all types of learners.


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Forthcoming training dates:

Our 15th Melbourne AIM Annual Conference will look a little different this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions:
September French PD sessions
Ivanhoe, Melbourne.
September 2/3/4 2020
Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced AIM teachers
September Chinese PD session
Ivanhoe, Melbourne.
September 8th 2020
Beginning AIM teachers
September Japanese PD session
Ivanhoe, Melbourne.
September 9th 2020
Beginning AIM teachers
9th Auckland AIM Conference
5th Asian AIM Conference

Our general PD/teacher training page is here: Click here for details!

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