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Workshop: Introduction to AIM – Melbourne (Primary)

Wednesday March 27, 2013 – Wednesday March 27, 2013

185 Gold Street

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Introduction To AIM
For teachers new to AIM – The Gesture Approach

In this workshop, Jenny McKinney will Introduce the AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method) and show how this method of teaching, which uses music, drama and gesture, can work synergistically to rapidly increase second language acquisition and fluency.

This approach, unlike most contemporary programs, is based on stories rather than on themes and allows for a greater emotional involvement on the part of the student; moreover, the extensive use of song and drama gives plenty of opportunity for “pleasant repetition”, an essential ingredient in the development of language proficiency.

This is a participatory “hands-on” workshop, in which participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn why a story-based approach is much more effective than a thematic approach.
  • Learn gestures from Wendy’s revolutionary “Gesture Approach”.
  • Act out plays designed for small group work.
  • Watch students using this method.
  • Practice language-manipulation activities based on the plays.
  • Sing songs, perform dances and related actions.
  • Experience the program’s potential to develop oral and written fluency rapidly.
  • See the new Histoires en Action and Jeunesse en Action units.


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