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Our first ever Queensland AIM Conference!

Thursday March 7, 2013 – Friday March 8, 2013

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(Download the flyer/offline-registration form here)

What can I expect at the 2013 Queensland AIM Conference?
The AIM conference has extensive programming from 9am until 4pm each day where you’ll be able to pick the workshops which suit you, your teaching and your interests. We’ll be running specific workshops for the Primary, Upper primary and Secondary levels as well as interesting workshops on AIM related topics.

A conference dinner will be held on Thurs. 7th at Amphora (36 Hawken Drive, St Lucia) for all interested attendees ($30 per head). And finally, the conference will conclude with a chance to debrief at 5pm on Friday! [click REGISTER for more details]

(Session times will be published as the conference approaches)

  • WHAT IS AIM? – Discover the AIM and change the way you teach forever. Gestures – Practice, review and refinement. Learn ‘The significance of the pared down language’ and how to dramatically increase fluency with the highly selected content of the AIM.
  • AIM for the early, primary-aged students
    • – Introduction to the AIM (primary).
    • – AIM with games! fun and games.
    • – Language manipulation for primary students.
  • Beginning AIM Students
    • – Introduction to the AIM #1
    • – Learning the gestures.
    • – Practising gesturing the plays.
    • – Using the PDL to teach grammar.
    • – Creating a target-language-only environment.
  • AIM for Secondary School Students
    • – Jeunesse en Action !
    • – Fun and games with the 7s and 8s.
    • – Engaging ‘the reluctant gesturer’!
    • – Writing and grammar analysis.
  • Advanced AIM Students
    • – Histoire en Action ! #2
    • – Histoire en Action ! #3
  • ICT and the AIM
  • AIM Readers
    • – Balanced literacy and creating classroom libraries.
  • The top 10 activities to be integrated as much as possible into your AIM class.
  • Creating a DYNAMIC AIM Classroom with fun activities which utilise the PDL.
  • Learn about formative and summative assessment and the AIM.
  • What is teacher-led self expression?
  • Grammar and the AIM

    • – The inductive teaching of grammar and integration of raps for refinement.
  • Story retelling

    • – Teaching students to paraphrase and play extensions.


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